SHEEP HUNT #1 July 29 - August 11 Includes 3 pre-scout days (Sheep hunt only)
SHEEP HUNT #2 August 13 - August 26 14 day hunt + option to add additional animals
SHEEP HUNT #3 August 28 - September 10 14 day hunt + option to add additional animals. Limited - GRO takes 1 sheep hunter during this time slot
SHEEP HUNT #4 September 8 - September 21 14 day hunt + option to add additional animals. Limited - GRO takes 1 sheep hunter during this time slot
SHEEP HUNT #5 September 23 - October 6 14 day hunt + option to add additional animals. Limited - GRO takes 1 sheep hunter during this time slot
COMBO HUNT #1 August 28 - September 8 12 days - Includes 2 animals (Moose, Goat or Elk)
COMBO HUNT #2 September 10 -19 10 days - Includes 2 animals (Moose, Goat, or Elk)
COMBO HUNT #3 September 21 - 30 10 days- Includes 2 animals (Moose or Goat)
COMBO HUNT #4 October 2 - 15 Mountain Goat Hunt Options Available

*Single Species Hunts can be conducted within the above schedule, and can be offered on either a 1x1 basis (1 hunter per guide), or 2x1.

**Contact us for potential 7 day, single species hunts.


Client hunting dates will be confirmed upon receipt of an initial non- refundable deposit of 25% of Total Hunt Cost.

Payment of 50% of Total Hunt Cost must be applied by January 1st in year of trip.

Balance of Total Hunt Cost is due on or before May 1st in year of trip.

Such payments can be made via wire transfer or cheque/bank draft via regular mail.

If the final payment is not received by the due date, the Hunt shall be deemed cancelled and all down payments forfeited.

If, for any reason, it becomes necessary for the Client to cancel his/her booking, it is the Client’s responsibility to find an alternate hunter for hunt and such replacement executes a Contract in a similar form as the Contract, including payment of the fee that is set out at the times so required. It is strongly advised to the Client to purchase Cancellation Insurance. (1-800-348-9505)

All additional shipping fees, exporting license fees and taxidermy fees are at the expense of the client.

Gratuities are customary and very much appreciated.

wounded game policy

All Fees payable by the Client to the Outfitter will apply to animals harvested or wounded by the Client during the hunt. Any wounded animal constitutes as “harvested game” and the trophy fees (if applicable) will be due. If a wounded animal cannot be found, the Client will not be permitted to hunt another animal of the same species. That being said, we are committed to the retrieval of any and all wounded game. The search for the animal does not end when the client goes home. Ethical shot placement and shooting is paramount. The final decision to pull the trigger on an animal rests in the hands of the hunter, so make sure it’s a good one.


As always, the big game meat and care thereof, is a big part of your hunting expedition. We are aware that traveling great distances does not always allow you the privilege of taking the meat home with you. For those of you that want to take their meat home, we suggest driving to our main camp. At our base camp we have meat processing facilities, a large walk-in cooler to hang your meat and cutting and wrapping area. Bringing a freezer or coolers with you will allow you to keep your meat in the best possible condition for the trip home. Any meat not taken home is used in camp, given to local families and guides, or gratefully donated to the Food Bank of British Columbia.

cabin with antlers


Once your animal is down and your guide has provided the basics to the field care of your trophy, it will be brought to the base camp. Here we will ensure that it is properly cared for (salted and dried) and ready for shipping. At the end of our season we use Export specialist, Brian Kadrmas of Dakota Taxidermy and Exports ( to handle the pickup of all trophies and hides. He looks after the permits necessary to crate and ship them to the taxidermist of your choice. All additional shipping fees are at the expense of the client. At the end of each hunt every client will need to sign a Guide Outfitter Declaration form, a Record of Receipt for Transporting Wildlife Form, and provide us with your Taxidermist name and contact info.

Getting here

For those intending on travelling to hunt with us via commercial airlines, you will connect via Edmonton, Alberta (recommended), or Vancouver, British Columbia, with the final destination being Fort Nelson, British Columbia. There is presently only one airline that services Fort Nelson. That is ‘Central Mountain Air’. Upon your arrival, we will be there to pick you up and transport you to our base camp, affectionately known as Grizzly Lake Ranch (approximately 2½ hour drive from the airport). This is a complimentary service on scheduled dates provided by Gundahoo River Outfitters. For those wishing to drive, please contact us for directions from Ft Nelson.

*On any vacation or international trip, it is recommended that one gets travel insurance. Your hunting trip is no different. Your hunt is an investment, and we recommend that you protect your investment with trip and/or cancellation insurance.

important links & contacts


Accommodations at the Ranch are comfortable cabins with full washroom facilities. The main lodge hosts the relaxing area and all meals are served in a separate dining and kitchen facility. At the ranch we have a satellite internet system which enables Wi-Fi and smartphon telephone service for convenience.


Wilderness accommodations are cozy cabins, wall tents or spike camps. All guides have emergency satellite phones and/or InReach Satellite
communication devices.


Gundahoo logo white


CELL: 403-391-7879

Toll Free: 1-866-GRO HUNT

Mailing address

(June to October)
Gundahoo River Outfitters
Quintin Thompson
Box 39
Muncho Lake, BC
V0C 1Z0

(Off Season - October to June)
Gundahoo River Outfitters
Quintin Thompson
Box 2941
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
T4T 1P2

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